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KROHNE Capabilities

  • General Instrumentation(Maintainance, support, and Training)
  • Liquid Flow Metering systems
  • Gas Flow Metering Systems
  • Wet Gas Flow Metering Systems
  • Supervisory Systems
  • Leak Detection Systems
  • Calibration Facilities
  • Proving Systems
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Tank Management Systems
  • Flow Computers 
  • Flow Meters


Servicing and maintenance

KROHNE is committed to support the customers with excellent pre- and after-sales
service and to guarantee the function of our products by delivering high quality instruments.

Start-up and commissioning on site
Repair (converter) on site
Repair (Primary) and
Recalibration at the nearest facility (for example Netherlands, China, Brazil),

or insitu calibration checks using the new MagCheck.

Training for customers at the nearest local facility or on site at the customers facilities. 

Returning meters for servicing and repairs

If installed and operated in accordance with these operating instructions, your device
will rarely present any problems.

Should you nevertheless need to return an instrument for inspection or repair, please
pay strict attention to the following points.

Due to statutory regulations concerning protection of the environment and the health
and safety of our personnel, KROHNE may only handle, test and repair returned
devices that have been in contact with products that do not pose a risk to personnel
and environment. This means that KROHNE can only service your device if it is
accompanied by a certificate in line with the specimen shown below confirming that the
device is safe to handle. If the device has been operated together with toxic, caustic,
flammable or water-endangering products, you are kindly requested:
to check and ensure, if necessary by rinsing or neutralizing, that all cavities are
free from such dangerous substances,
to enclose a certificate with the gauge conforming that it is safe to handle and stating the product used.

 KROHNE regrets that they cannot service your gauge unless such a certificate accompanies it.


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