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Always a good solution

KROHNE offers a wide variety of process measurement instruments. In fact, we invented quite a number of them.

We offer supporting products and services for 1-stop-shopping and in industries as widespread as oil and gas, water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, mining and shipping.

We can offer complete solutions - of which more to come.



Go for the Optimum with KROHNE
OPTIFLUX exceeds your expectations

3 x 100% diagnostics
One for all applications
Custody transfer is standard
Sets standards in
electromagnetic flowmetering
With conductivity measure

Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
The economical solution in sandwich design

Fully functional flow meter
Easy to install
Affordable price
Maintenance free
Hastelloy electrodes
PFA liner
Excellent chemical resistance
Minimum conductivity of 5 ÁS/cm

for custody transfer of
light liquid hydrocarbons
Long term stability; high reliability
Eliminates maintenance
No wear
No pressure loss
Compliant with OIML R-117, API

KROHNE | Custody Transfer Flow meters


12-chord ultrasonic gas flowmeter for custody transfer.

10 reflection chords for the highest possible accuracy
2 reflection chords for extra diagnosis options



The specialist for gasflow measurement.
The OPTISONIC 7060 performs consistent and accurately, even under harsh operating conditions. With specially designed ultrasonic transducers integrated in the meter body and an integrated protected cabling system, the OPTISONIC 7060 is extremely compact and robust.
KROHNE's ALTOSONIC V has established itself as the standard in multibeam custody transfer flowmetering. The absence of obstructions or moving parts in the pipe, ensures no wear or pressure loss. This, in combination with larger meter sizes permits simplified configuration of metering systems. For example no strainers and less parallel lines are required.
KROHNE Oil & Gas